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When is WCA membership open?

New members are accepted from October 1 through November 30 of each year. Membership is effective on January 1 of the following year. However, New Members are invited to the Holiday Party and a New Members “Meet and Greet” with the Board.

Renewal of membership for existing members is by payment of dues by November 30th.

All applicants who have completed the application form properly will be accepted as a member. The only jurying members experience is done at our art exhibitions, by the juror.

Forms and guidelines are on our site. Membership dues are $50. per year. Click here for membership form.

A new level of WCA Membership has been instituted. WCA Patron Members are accepted from October 1 through November 30 of each year. Membership is effective on January 1 of the following year. Patron members will be entitled to participate in all WCA activities and programs, except participation in the Annual Exhibition and Retreat. Click here for printable copy of WCA Supporting Patron Enrollment Form

Is there a list of members available?

An updated Roster of WCA current members and a new User Password for the “Members Only” page on WCA Website is published on January 1. It will be distributed via e-mail. The Member's Gallery page will feature photos of the members.

What are some of the activities available to members?

A monthly Lunch Critique group meets in a member’s home on (usually) the first Monday of each month, bringing a brown bag lunch and unfinished work with them.

At Membership meetings (currently 3 a season) there is a program with speakers. Two additional events are “End of Season” party and a “Holiday Party”

At least one juried exhibition each year with prizes awarded.

An annual Retreat that covers 3 nights and 4 days, with bed and board provided as well as optional programs and films. (Separate fee).

Participating in helping Committee Chairs helps meet and get to know fellow artists. If you are called upon to help, say “yes”. You’ll be glad you did.

If I want to participate as Committee Chair, how do I go about it?

Speak to a Board Member. They will direct you to the nominating committee.

General Elections take place every two years.

In February of the election year the President and Board appoint a nominating committee of at least three members, one of whom should be a member of the Board.

A proposed slate is sent by e-mail to the General Membership in March and the Election is held at the End of the Season meeting.

When do your meetings take place, and where?

Board Meetings are held once a month. When there is a General Meeting, the Board meets at 12 PM prior to the General Meeting. If there is no General Meeting, the Board meets at a time and place agreed upon by the President and Board members

General Membership meetings are held in November, January, and February at 2 PM on the third Monday of the month. Meetings are held at a place determined by the Board and announced to the members usually at least one month in advance.

Membership Meetings consist of a general business meeting and a program arranged by the Program Committee.

Special Event Meetings are usually held in December and April (or May).

Holiday Party in December is the monthly meeting and celebration of the season. This festive event is planned and presented at a place determined by the Board. Members are asked to bring goodies to share. Members are urged to contribute small art-related materials, unwrapped, to be distributed to the children at a local charity.

At this meeting new members are welcomed and introduced. Each new member is asked to give a brief description of themselves as artists and present a sample of current work.

Final Meeting of the season is a special event which includes voting on and introducing new officers and honoring the recipient, if there is one, of our Scholarship Award. It is held as the last meeting before summer break. This event is managed by an ad hoc committee. The program is presented by the Scholarship Committee.

What is the annual Retreat I’ve heard so much about?

A four day Artist Retreat is held each Fall at Day Spring Center in Ellenton, FL. It is open to members only and members must commit to and pay for the entire package. Fees, special activities and general arrangements are handled by the Retreat Committee with the supervision of the Board. We usually have a mini-workshop or 2 (optional) and art related films after dinner (optional), as well as working on your individual project along with the other 28 participants. It’s kind of like an adult art camp session. Day visitors are not allowed.

What is the exhibition schedule like?

We sponsor at least one WCA member exhibition each year. This is a juried show. The place, fees, prizes and general entry prospectus are determined by the Exhibition Committee with the approval of the Board.

Additional exhibitions may be sponsored by this committee and/or other member groups with Board approval.

An exhibition prospectus and entry forms are published on the WCA Website Exhibitions page.

Does WCA have a newsletter?

WCA News Updates are sent by the Corresponding Secretary twice monthly via e-mail. News Updates contain current information and reminders by the Board, committee chairs or individuals to all members.

Members may also submit contributions to the News Updates via e-mail. Please format news item ready to “cut and paste” and send it by e-mail to the Corresponding Secretary. It is crucial that information to appear in the Updates be sent at least one month prior to the upcoming event.

What are the Committees I can join?

Click here for contact information on the various Committee Chairs.

How do we show our support to other female artists?

A scholarship award is given each year to a female art student at a local college. The schools are selected on a rotating basis. The amount of the award is currently $1000 or is determined by the Board in the annual budget. The selection is done by the Scholarship Chair and her committee.

Scholarships will be awarded at the Final Meeting of the year meeting.

Scholarship requirements, entry forms and deadlines can be found on the WCA Website Scholarships page.

How do I know what is happening within our art community?

Information is regularly updated on our website. In addition, news updates are issued via e-mail twice a month announcing upcoming events and offering members the opportunity to post their own exhibitions and awards.

Who handles our website?

The WCA Website is maintained by a paid, professional Webmaster who is appointed by the Board. Any questions or changes a member wants to make is to be sent to our Website Liason at WCAnews2019@gmail.com.

Every member is entitled to one page displaying recent artwork on the Member Gallery pages of the WCA Website. There is no charge for this service. A short paragraph is to be included on that page, as well as a photo of the member.

Each member may be linked to her individual website if desired.

Specifications for image submission to the Website will be sent to all Members.

What is the monthly Lunch Critique about?

A Critique Group (“Lunch Critique”) meets on the first Monday of each month at the home of a member volunteer. The group meets between 11:00 and 11:30 for a brown bag lunch brought by the member (drinks and desserts supplied by the hostess) followed by a critique of members work. Any member can attend if there is room and is not required to bring work. The schedule of meetings and general supervision of the meetings is done by the Lunch Critique Committee. The schedule of meetings and directions to meeting locations is published in the News Update on the web site in the For Members Only section. Guests of members are welcome to attend but may not present work or participate in the critique. It’s a great way to meet and get to know your fellow artists.